Akinori Kikuchi

菊地 昭紀 Akinori Kikuchi
Sound Engineer

This tour is my first time using the STM Series, although I've used previous systems like the Alpha Series quite frequently in the past. The explosive intensity of the sound can take you by surprise. I've even had to turn down the master fader a few times! Our only chance to fly the system on this tour was the performance at the Tokyo International Forum, but I feel like that's when the STM Series really proves itself. Flying the Sub module (STM S118) let us deliver balanced sound to the second floor as well as the first floor seating. I mainly deal with jazz concert PA systems, so I try to simply amplify all of the onstage sound. Basically, I make sure that whether the main speakers are…
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Val Gilbert

Nexo Concert Sound
Technical Advisor

We are really delighted to welcome STM Japan to the Nexo STM family. They followed the Nexo STM training, so were fully prepared to undertake the first big show with STM, and it went very smoothly. This is actually only my second time here in Japan, but by looking through the plan Japanese STM sound crew had made and watching how smoothly the event was proceeded, I could say the level is quite high. This allowed for STM to be implemented perfectly in Japan. 私たちNEXOはSTM JapanをSTMファミリーに迎えることができ本当にうれしく思っています。 日本のSTMサウンドクルーは既にトレーニングを受け十分な準備ができており、実際に先日行われた最初の大規模な現場もとても素晴らしい内容でした。 その現場が私の2回目の訪日の機会だったのですが、彼らによって組み立てられたプランとイベントのスムーズな進行を見て、そのレベルの高さから日本におけるSTMの運用は万全であると確信しております。
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Daisuke Katsuta

Tokyo Onken
FOH Engineer

First and foremost is the mid-range. It's extremely powerful. The mid-range matches the synthesis of the high and low ranges. It's superb. The crisp sound makes you feel as if you're listening to the guitar sound, which you might call the heart of LOUDNESS, on a Marshall. That feeling is the same for the drum, bass, and vocals. The STM gives an authentic performance with no sense of limits. It's truly a novel experience. まずはMidです。非常にパワフル。 Hi&Loの合成にマッチするMidは素晴らしい。 歯切れのよいサウンドがLOUDNESSというバンドの核心ともいえるギターサウンドを「Marshallを聴いているかのにような」感覚にしてくれました。 その感覚はドラム、ベース、ボーカルにしても同様です。 リミット感もなくストレートな表現をしてくれるSTMに新しいものを感じました。  
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Dan Lewis

Director of Urban Audio Productions

1. Overall impressions on NEXO STM system itself ( not on the specific system ) I think the STM is a very interesting concept for audio reinforcement, the boxes themselves seems to sound good in my experience so far, the vocal quality in the PA is very good and it seems to have a decent amount of performance for the size of the box too. Both of the shows I have mixed on STM have gone well and it's a system I would like to see more of out in the market place. It reminds me of Alpha in a good way, the vocal was very clear from it and it seems to have the power headroom to compete with other comparable arena systems too. 1. STMシステムの総合的な印象 STMはとても興味深いコンセプトを持ったPAシステムだと思います。これまでの経験で…
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Yusuke Yashima

Tokyo Onken
FOH Engineer

Ever since obtaining the STM system I’ve mixed at Rock shows, musicals with full orchestras, fashion shows, club shows and many other occasions using STM. The first thing that comes to mind is the “clearness” and “closeness” of the sound. Each and every instrument and vocal comes out clear without it ever being too loud. Whether you’re flying the system in an arena or stacking them at a theater, by using the array EQ and gain controls of the NXAMP you can separately control different listening points on the floor and in the stands to make them all sound like you are listening right at the FOH control booth. STM’s original high-end wave guide also makes it possible for the audien…
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Kousuke Ishizuka

Tokyo Onken
FOH / System Engineer

As a system/mix engineer I’ve had the opportunity to setup the STM system in arenas, theaters, and various other venues. Not only is the STM a very powerful line array but it can also be used as a point source array depending on the angle of the setup. In a large scale array the coupling between each of the M46 cabinets are completely controlled giving it crystal clear high end audio as well as the powerful bass sound coming from the B112 12 inch bass units. Even in a smaller rig the sound level is maintained by arranging the what cabinets we have in a wider angle to cover the required space. When other speakers are needed as near field speakers along with the STM, simply use…
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