Akinori Kikuchi

菊地 昭紀 Akinori Kikuchi
Sound Engineer

This tour is my first time using the STM Series, although I’ve used previous systems like the Alpha Series quite frequently in the past. The explosive intensity of the sound can take you by surprise. I’ve even had to turn down the master fader a few times!

Our only chance to fly the system on this tour was the performance at the Tokyo International Forum, but I feel like that’s when the STM Series really proves itself. Flying the Sub module (STM S118) let us deliver balanced sound to the second floor as well as the first floor seating.
I mainly deal with jazz concert PA systems, so I try to simply amplify all of the onstage sound. Basically, I make sure that whether the main speakers are switched on or off, changing the volume won’t affect the sound quality. In other words, I aim at mixer output that will have almost the same timbre whether you hear it through headphones or over a speaker system. My approach to tuning is the same. I never accentuate something over the rest. Instead, I try to suppress anything that’s exaggerated and make the sound as close as possible to what is actually coming off the stage. NEXO’s newest STM Series speakers offer such smooth response that equalizing isn’t necessary at frequencies above 500 Hz. I feel like this speaker system simply magnifies the onstage sound, whether it’s a delicate performance like the trio on this tour (Piano: Hiromi Uehara; Bass: Anthony Jackson; Drums: Simon Phillips) or the dynamic sound of a rock band, and lets the technician’s sensibilities really shine through regardless of the musical genre.


今回のツアーでは東京国際フォーラムの公演のみハンギングで使用したのですが、やはり吊りで使用してこそ真価が発揮されるように思います。サブベースモジュール(STM S118)も吊ったことで1階席だけでなく2階席にもバランス良く音が届いていました。


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