Nakano Sun Plaza Hall / Tokyo –中野サンプラザホール / 東京


The Nakano Sunplaza Hall, which occupies the first four floors of the Nakano Sunplaza, a white building with a triangular profile that towers over the north exit of Nakano Station.

Since opening on June 1, 1973, it has hosted well-known domestic and foreign artists and a variety of performances including pop, rock, and musicals. Well-regarded as a concert hall, it even appears in the Sound Engineers and Artists Society of Japan and The Theatrical Engineers Executive Committee’s “The BEST 100 of Theaters and Public Halls.” It is in this concert hall that NEXO’s flagship model, the STM Series, was newly installed. Dante network cards enable a full digital communication system integrating everything from the additionally installed CL5 digital mixing console to the NXAMP4x4 that drives the STM Series, forming an advanced acoustics system. The STM (Scale Through Modularity) Series was selected for its high quality and the modular concept that provides the origins of its name. The objective of these improvements was not only to respond to a wider variety of programs, from musical concerts to ceremonies, but also to consolidate the speaker system into a more compact form. Based on these demands, the newly installed STM Series is compact, yet achieves high sound output and articulation. Increasing and decreasing the number of modules in use allows flexible application.

M46 main modules, B112 bass modules, and S118 sub-bass modules are installed in a 7-7-4 opposing-side configuration. This includes regular installation of modules in a flying 3-3-0 configuration to cover the second-floor seating, while the remaining modules are ground stacked in a 4-4-4 configuration. The number of flying modules is fixed, but the number of modules ground stacked on the stage can be adjusted according to the nature of the program, enabling sound amplification environments optimized to programs.

The full 4-4-4 system can be assembled for live concerts that demand powerful sound output including bass. For ceremonies in which speeches play a central role, a 4-0-1 system can be constructed that gives priority to maintaining articulation in the vocal range. This system enables greater optimization for various programs than was possible with conventional speaker systems by increasing or decreasing the number of modules within the same system. Thus, it is apparently eliciting favorable comments from stage users.

Flying speakers that cover the second-floor seating. Three M46 main modules and three B112 bass modules are flown. In spite of their compact appearance, they achieve powerful output and high articulation.

The flying grid installed in the concert hall can be raised or lowered. All the main and bass modules can be flown in accordance with the nature of the program, enabling flexible application that embodies the concept of the STM Series, “Scale Through Modularity.”

NXAMP 4×4 installed in the wings of the stage. With STM, the configuration of modules in use can be changed according to the program, but in turn, the number of amps in use must be changed as well. The NXAMP 4×4 is connected to the Dante network via NXDT104, a Dante network card installed in the back side, enabling flexible and rapid response to physical routing changes accompanying system changes. Amp output can also be verified and monitored from the control room where the console is installed, allowing maximization of speaker performance while ensuring safety.




今回の改修ではメインモジュール『M46』、ベースモジュール『B112』、サブベースモジュール『S118』の7/7/4対向が導入された。そのうち3/3/0対向は2階席をカバーするために常時フライング設置され、残りの4/4/4対向はグランドスタックにて設置される。フライング設置のスピーカーモジュール数は固定されているが、グランドスタックにてステージ上に設置されるモジュール数については演目の性質に応じて調整し、演目に応じた最適な拡声環境の提供が可能となっている。低域の再生を含めてパワフルな音声の出力が求められるライブ・コンサート実施時には4/4/4対向のフルシステムを構築し、スピーチが中心となるような式典実施時には4/0/1 対向のボイス帯域の明瞭度確保を優先したシステムを構築することが可能。



会場に設置されたフラインググリッドは昇降可能となっている。演目の性質に応じ全てのメイン/ベースモジュールのフライングも可能となっており、STMシリーズのコンセプトである“Scale Through Modularity”を体現する柔軟な運用が可能となっている。

舞台袖に設置された『NXAMP 4×4』。STMは演目に応じて使用するモジュール構成を変更することが可能だが、使用するアンプの数量も同様に変更が必要となる。そこで『NXAMP4X4』は本体背面に装着されたDante対応ネットワークカード『NXDT104』を介してDanteネットワークに接続され、システムの変更に伴う物理的なルーティング変更にも柔軟かつ迅速な対応が可能。コンソールが設置されている調整室からのアンプ出力の確認/監視も可能となり、安全性を確保しながら、スピーカーの能力を最大限に引き出すことが可能となっている。


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