Dan Lewis

Director of Urban Audio Productions

1. Overall impressions on NEXO STM system itself ( not on the specific system )

I think the STM is a very interesting concept for audio reinforcement, the boxes themselves seems to sound good in my experience so far, the vocal quality in the PA is very good and it seems to have a decent amount of performance for the size of the box too.

Both of the shows I have mixed on STM have gone well and it’s a system I would like to see more of out in the market place. It reminds me of Alpha in a good way, the vocal was very clear from it and it seems to have the power headroom to compete with other comparable arena systems too.

1. STMシステムの総合的な印象



2. Impressions on the FOH system at Yokohama.

I was looking forward to trying out a fully flown sub configuration in an Arena and the original plot form Onken was set out just like this so it was decided to give it a go and see how it fared.
My gut feeling is that it worked well especially with regards to timing between the sub and top box which resulted in a tight bottom end especially in the sides of the room and at the top of the seating bleachers.

2. 今回のFOHシステムのサウンドで印象的だった点

私の直観では非常にうまくいっていたと思います。特にサブとtop box(いわゆるハイボックスのことだと思います・・・)の位相関係がうまくいき、客席後方や客席サイド部分でタイトなローエンドを生み出していたのではないでしょうか。

3. Impressions on Japanese crew (Especially sound team).

I always enjoy working in Japan as everything is always very organized which means that the shows tend to go very smoothly and without many problems.
In my many visits to Japan the audio and local crew have always been of an excellent standard.

3. 日本の現場チーム(特にサウンドクルー)の印象


4. What kind of impressions had you had on NEXO products so far ? And please let us know your request to STM or NEXO in futre.

When I first started working in this industry at a professional level it was with Nexo products so I do have quite a history with them. Right back to the early days of the PS and Alpha Systems. I liked them so much I actually bought quite a bit of it so my impression must have been good 😉
I would be very happy to mix on STM again and I look forward to seeing how it develops over the coming years.

4. これまで持っていたNEXOスピーカーシステム全般への印象と、今後STMやNEXOに期待していること



Thank you for taking contact us !
We can support you entirely about STM in Japan, please ask us anything freely.
We're really proud of managing this excellent system, hoping to make great projects with you.

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